Platform Introduction
Attractive Force Gene
Attractive Force Gene is dedicated to creating the world's first distributed storage network system that provides genetic data and individual health data, and establishes a decentralized genomic data and health big data storage and ecological application platform.The platform construction is divided into three stages of five years to complete the overall project development and ecological system construction, so as to form a set of accurate and large health data ecological closed loop, thus forming a large healthy ecological community for the global community users .
  • Confirmation right
    Blockchain guarantees uniqueness of data assets
    Blockchain protects the rights of digital assets
  • Safety
    Health data cloud storage, sensitive information isolation.Health data transmission adopts asymmetric encryption.Key information is registered on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with
  • Income
    The sooner you contribute to the data, the more excess point return you can get.Provide more data dimensions and earn value-added income.Participate in health data mining and receive additional rewards
  • Ecology
    New production collaboration
    Massive applications and services
    Diversified data flow channels
What problems can AFG solve
  • 1、User distrust of the gene sequencing industry
  • 2、Limitations of genome and big data acquisition
  • 3、The huge storage performance of genetic data can not mee
Genome project

Attractive Force Gene algorithm incentive plan

Development plan
Cooperative partner
Huajian Medicine
Suzhou Huajian Medical Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huajian Medicine) is a first-class subsidiary of Jiangsu Jiangsu Weizhen Group (Jiangsu Weizhen Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.). Founded in September 2008, the group is located in the National Nano High-tech Industrialization Base-Suzhou Nano City. It is a complete tumor molecular diagnosis and treatment technology and service system, including research and development, production and sales of tumor molecular diagnostic kits, and third-party independent medical clinical testing. National high-tech enterprise for business and precision medical services in the field of cancer prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.
Daan Gene
Sun Yat-Sen University Daan Gene Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002030) relies on the strong scientific research platform of Sun Yat-sen University. It is led by molecular diagnostic technology,which is a biomedical high-tech enterprise integrating the r&d, production and sales of clinical testing reagents and instruments as well as the clinical testing services of national chain medical independent laboratories. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2004 and became the first listed company in the university-run industry in Guangdong Province.